Secrets to Improve Hair Growth

A long hair is an excellent beauty for every woman. However, improving hair growth past a certain age is often challenging. You may also desire long hair, but scientific studies argue that human hair grows at an average of six inches a year. Does this mean your hair must attain this length a year? Of course not. Some people have not cut their hair for many years, yet they have not yet reached even 20 inches. Go on reading these tips to learn some strategies that will assist you in improving your hair growth.

First, trim your hair occasionally. You should consider cutting about an eighth inch of the edges of your hair after every 10-12 weeks. You should avoid hair with split and frayed ends because it causes hair strands to break at the bottom. Besides, the growth of untrimmed hair stagnates at some point unless you remove the frayed ends.

Second, consider taking vitamin supplements. The hair needs vitamin A, B, D, biotin, and folic acid. You should note that these nutrients are often found in balanced diets meals. However, in case you have an insufficient supply in the body, the body will restrict the supply of the minerals to the hair to meet the need of other crucial body functions. However, ensure to discuss the number of vitamins you need and the option that will match your requirements. You should be wary that the FDA does not regulate the vitamin supplements; thus, confirm from your doctor that the medication will not contraindicate with the drugs you are currently using.

Thirdly, avoid shampooing your hair frequently. There is a misconception that washing your hair less can improve its growth rate. However, your hair will accumulate grime and dirt that will make your scratch regularly. Constant scratching leads to hair breaks that shorten, and sometimes, thin your hair. Shampoos containing sulfates often suck-up your hair oil, which leaves it dry and vulnerable to breaking.

Fourthly, consider cleaning your hair with cold water. This is a turnoff for some people, but it is worth the discomfort for longer hair. Cold water often shrinks hair. The smooth outer surface retains the moisture and naturally secreted oil, which improves the natural growth rate of your hair.
Fifthly, apply hair conditioner each time you clean your hair. A suitable conditioner will replace the lipids and proteins of hair shafts. Over time, heat studying often weakens hair strands at the bottom. Consequently, the strands break, making your air look even shorter.

Sixth, refrain from continually using tools that reduce the rate of your hair growth. For instance, chemical relaxers, hair straighteners, and hair dryers often drain hair strands of the lipids. As such, you should refrain from using these components for the longest time possible to avoid excessive hair breakage.

Finally, ensure to brush your hair gently. You should not even hear the brush crunching through your hair because the comb might break some hair strands. Besides, you are likely to break the strands through the physical force of the brush.

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